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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hats of Bonnie The Balloon Lady Volume 1

Bonnie, The Balloon Lady, has come out with a collection of PDF files that instruct how to make several large hats. Chicken hats, fish hats, frog hats, squid hats, .... There are a lot of hats in this PDF.

If you are bad at making hats, or just need some inspiration to get you going, then this is a resource you should invest in. Everyone knows that hats get the big tips in the restaurants, and for only $14.99 you can't beat the price.

So go to Bonnie The Balloon Lady Volume 1 and buy one already.


Anonymous sparkles said...

I ordered this (Volume 1) and I am a bit disappointed. This was a simple cd and it took so long I even forgot I ordered it. Then, when it came, I paid almost as much for postage as I did for the cd. The hats are ok and I suppose for 14.99 I shouldn't complain. I was just very disappointed by the fact that I was charged so much for shippinh. It came in a large envelope when a small one would have been fine.

3:38 PM  

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