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Ok lets face facts. No one finds things on the Internet unless they rank in the Search engines under thier related keywords.

But how, you ask, do you get a site to rank high in the search engines?

Its simple. You get people to link to them. Links are what make theinternet go round. It's how the search engines figure out whats important and whats junk.

What is a link?

A link, or hyper link as it is called, is a section of HTML code that in on a HTML page.

When clicked upon, it takes some one from one site to another site. The caption of the link, also called "anchor text", usually describes what the page or site, that it takes you to, is about.

Confused? Great! Lets move on

For example:

<a href="" > Balloon Animals </a>

This is an example of the html code that you could put on a html page if you wanted to link to this site.

The begging starts here

If you have a site, especially if it is about balloon art or balloon animals, please link to this site. I really want to rank well so people can find the site easily and learn how to make balloon animals.

I promise that if I get enough links to rank well I will post a video clip of me hopping on one foot and clapping my hand behind my back while humming "Youv'e Got that Loving Felling".