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In high school i was in the marching band and when we were done marching we would put our Plumes (feather things that stuck into our hats) into a case. i think the idea of case would work for balloons to. Not sure that card board tubes would be good for the balloons but you can fill it from either side

Big Bob:
that is a neet looking case , mmmm might have to try it, thanks ikepete

There are different ones out there that may be better

Marvelous Marc:
use PVC instead of cardboard, and notch it so that you can put two rubber bands in an X across the top. Then you can stuff balloons down where the bands intersect. It will get as large as you need it to and hold them in place

Personally, I have found that the BEST way to carry balloons is in the roll up by Twist-em-up.  If you buy a busking bag, they come with them, or you can order them for about $15 each plus shipping.  these are sturdy and seem to work great.  I tried their aprons and they are GOOD, but I am uncomfortable with the apron concept for the most part.  I find the busking bag to work better for me. 

The rollups hold 12 bundles of balloons in Velcro loops.  Each loop will comfortably hold about 50 balloons (260) though  you can squeeze more in if you need to meaning that you can carry about 600 balloons in each rollup.

I have a "single busking bag" at the moment and am ordering a double. I also have a "side apron" which is a small "holster" that will carry about 150 balloons and has a pocket for more stuff on the outside (I usually carry markers and such.)

To tell the truth, I have absolutely no fear in recommending Twist em Up.  Alan is a highly competent person and seems to be very customer oriented.



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