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Buster Balloon - Ride Inside Wacky Racer!

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Buster Balloon's Ride Inside Wacky Racer is a fun and fantastic modular design that can easily be customized in dozens of ways!

You will learn how to make the base of the car (takes 10 to 15 minutes with practice), and then Buster will show you a few of his favorite ideas for tricking out this inflatable hot rod.

The only limit is your own imagination, or those of the kids you are making them for.

Balloons Required:

  • 2 Clear 260s
  • 1 Gray 350s
  • 10 Red 350s
  • 1 Red 646s
  • 2 White 5" Rounds
  • 4 Gold 5" Rounds
  • 4 Black 16" Geo Donuts
  • PLUS Additional Balloons for Detailing

Running Time: 28 minutes
Skill Level: Adventurous Intermediate/Advanced

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