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Buster Balloon's Encyclopedia of Balloon Gags vol. I

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Intended for balloon twisters, magicians, clowns, and anyone else who uses or wishes to use balloons to entertain people, this video contains dozens (2 of them) of quick balloon gags, tricks, and bits of business that Buster has spent years studying and collecting, as well as many original gags that Buster has created himself in his spare time when he was not busy writing run-on sentences.

Whether you are twisting balloons at a birthday party or a restaurant, or performing on stage, these bits can be used to give your routines that healthy glow, shiny coat, and strong teeth that…

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh right!

Included are…

  • The Imaginary Balloon
  • Flash Production
  • Another Production
  • Stretching & Snapping
  • The Squeaker
  • The Wrong End
  • How NOT to Tie a Balloon
  • Helping Hand
  • Breakaway Pump
  • Snake Can Pump
  • Self Inflating Balloon
  • Poodle Tail
  • How To Blow Up a Spiral
  • Heart Gag
  • Geo Gag
  • Balloon Recycling
  • Mouse Head
  • Quick Draw
  • Eyeball Gag
  • Color Changing Balloon
  • Polka Dot Gag
  • Appearing Dove (Gone horribly, horribly wrong)
  • Cell Phone In Balloon
  • Balancing a Balloon On Your Nose
  • Pick-Up & Drop Routine
  • Approx. Running to 1 hr 9min.
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