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Matt Falloon - Speedy the Hedgehog

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Get into a spin with Matt Falloon's first downloadable instruction video, Speedy the Hedgehog!

Learn how to make the classic version of this familiar blue hedgehog, complete with one of his much admired golden rings.

Full of personality and attitude, this little blue hedgehog is bound to be a favorite!

This is an advanced difficulty sculpture, you will need the following techniques:

  • Sidewall bubble in a 321, 5" Round and 6" heart.

You will need the following balloons:

  • 1x 321Q Blush
  • 1x 321Q White
  • 3x 260Q Pale Blue*
  • 1x 260Q Black
  • 1x 260Q Gold
  • 1x 260Q Blush
  • 1x 260Q Red
  • 1x 160Q Pale Blue*
  • 3x 160Q White
  • 1x 5" Round Pale Blue*
  • 2x 5" Round Blush
  • 7x 6" Hearts Pale Blue*
* Pale Blue creates the classic version of the character. For the modern version, substitute Pale Blue with Dark Blue.

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