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Nifty Balloons Vol 5: Jumbos

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  • Learn 12 designs that you can start up-selling today!
  • Air-filled decor with tons of character, and NO helium
  • Over 6 ft tall, perceived value on these larger-than-life cartoon characters is high
  • Basic to Intermediate techniques. You will need to tie of a 1/2 inch bead "raisin" inside a 3 foot round.

Click here to download the free PDF including materials list and photos of all the designs offered in this series.

The basic JUMBO structure is highly customizable: the videos will walk you step-by-step through nine variations. Also included are three bonus sculptures that incorporate designs from David's MASKS video (the mask designs themselves are not taught in this video, but the custom Jumbo body is).

JUMBOS made their industry debut at FLOAT this February as part of 2013 Designer of the Year, Rob Balchunas' award-winning entryway, "Arch of the Penguins".

If you're an entertainer looking to dip your toe into the world of decor, or if you're a decorator ready to invest in adding some twisted elements to your work, JUMBOS are perfect for you!

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