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Balloon Blast - Smoosh

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When I made the first smoosh bear, I had no idea what was coming. It was cute, but the design was so simple that I didn't consider it groundbreaking in any way. Now I realize that the simplicity is what makes it a groundbreaking concept-

Working with primarily round Balloons gives the Smoosh bears a distinctive look. But what I didn't realize until I field-tested these designs over the following weeks was that using predominately 5-inch or 11-inch round balloons makes these sculptures more relatable and more interesting to the average person- Only a small percentage of your audience has any experience playing with 260 balloons. ALMOST EVERYONE has played with round balloons. The universal appeal of a round balloon, coupled with the miracle of creating these cute creations out of familiar materials helps connect with your audience in ways many other balloon animals can't.

The versatility of the concept is also one of its greatest strengths. In the first few days following my first Smoosh Critter, I developed seven variations and different animals. At the end of two weeks, I expanded that number to 35. Now the idea is so deeply entrenched in my brain, that whenever I get a challenge for a new or unique sculpture, I am immediately began with the Smoosh template.

At the risk of tooting my own horn and sounding over conceited about my own design, Smoosh Critters has changed the way I twist and the way I approach balloon sculpting in general. And I hope it can do the same for you!

- Scott Tripp


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